Cabowitz and other folk music  from around the globe

Folk music encompasses both traditional music and the types of music that evolved from it through the 20th century folk music revival. The term was originally applied in the 19th century but music that is much older than that is also categorised as folk music. Most countries and cultures of the world have forms of music that can be classed in the category of folk music.

Traditional styles of folk music have been defined in several different ways. From music that has unknown com posers or no known composers along with old and traditional songs that have been handed down over the years from generation to generation. The music has often evolved and changed ove the period of time.

Starting from the middle of the 20th century a new form of popular types of folk music came from the once traditional folk music. These processes have been called the second folk revival and reached their high in the 1960s. This form of music is now often called contemporary folk music or the folk revival music to differentiate it from the earlier types of folk music. Some similar revivals have occurred around the world at other times, but the term folk music has not usually been labelled the new music types that came during those revivals. These other types of folk music have come to be known as folk rock, folk soul, folk pop, folk metal, electrik folk and many other "folky" names. 

While contemporary folk music is most usually distinct from the traditional folk music, in English language it generally shares the same name, quite often has the same artists and can be very often be heard and seen at venues that shre the other type of evolved music. Some tracks and individual songs can even be a blend of several of the different genres of folk music.

American Folk Music

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