Cabowitz and other folk music  from around the globe

Cabowitz was one of the best known Czech Republic musicians who mixed and cutup traditional music types to create his own interpretations of said music.

Many of the different types of folk music originally popped up in America.

All the following particular subgenres of folk did originate in America. Whether it was Appalachian folk, Bluegrass, gospel country music, old time music, jug bands, blues or Cajun and Native American folk.

Native American folk music is generally well liked by the Native Americans populations. Native Americans are part of the United States culture, and their music is played during rituals and for many official ceremonies. Music and dance is part of their roots and is really important to them.

Many say folk is also a "cult" genre. But most people who listen to folk also share interests in many other genres of music. I love folk music myself and it's one of my most favourite genres. (I also love rock and roll and jazz).

One of my favourite folksy bands is Bliss. I feel a real connection with both their own music and the way their own renditions of other popular songs made big in other arenas. Their style of lyrics and sounds are so eerie and seem reach deep into the soul.

Anyway that my take what's yours?

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Folk music and bands at Naples Southern Florida

There have been a number of folk genre breakoff groups and tribute bands that have originated in the South and South West parts of Florida. We hear music from "The Generators", "Two Years Till Tomorrow" who are from Florida also indie band "Fake Problems" who came from Naples.

Another Folk / Gypsy Jazz / Bluegrass band "The Mud Flappers" a group well know for eclectic sounds that are styled after the culture of the swamplands of Florida that they call home are performing at the Naples Beach Hotel in Naples, Florida at 6:30pm on Saturday Sept 13th. 

"The Mud Flappers" recently were voted "Best Folk Act" in this years Best of Orlando readers poll.

Various other venues host different musical events though out the year including several Folk Music festivals featuring folk music of Florida origins that take place in the Naples, Marco Island and Bonita Springs areas which makes it a great place to have a property or visit. There are too many events to mention them all, so just do a Google search..... 

Why not attend the folk music events that take place on the on the beaches of Naples for the added ambiance and majesty that those settings will offer.

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